Murmurs crop
New/experimental music ensemble founded in 2004 and based in New York City. Co-director (with Richard Carrick, composer/pianist) and percussionist (cimbalom, guitar, and auxiliary instruments).

Neuhaus Materials A solo program of installation and performance pieces for percussion and electronics commissioned by the Dia Arts Foundation in 2010 for its book-launch ‘Max Neuhaus:  Times Square and Timepiece: Beacon.’  Reconstructions and re-interpretations of Neuhaus’ seminal realizations of New York School composers’ works including Cage’s 27’10.554″, Fontana Mix: Feed, Brown’s Four Systems, and Feldman’s The King of Denmark. Performances in New York, Massachusetts, and California.

photo-16UllU Ecstatic drone/noise project with composer/improviser Chris McIntyre.  Shows at Incubator Arts Project, The Stone, Roulette, Federal Plaza NYC, Experimental Intermedia…  Slow music for feedback matrix drums, organs, trombone, and other media.